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Under Arm Waxing

Under Arm Waxing

Waxing your underarm
Once your armpit has been prepared, we apply hot wax ready to apply the wax strips. The hot wax is applied in the direction of the hair growth, a wax strip is applied and left for several seconds to allow the strip to bond to the wax. The wax strips are removed quickly against the hair and this process is continued until all hair has been removed.

Why Wax?
For many of us, removing hair from the underarm area is part of our beauty routine, while many of us shave our underarm to keep them looking beautiful and clean, shaving doesn’t remove hair from the root and can even stimulate hair growth in the armpit resulting in more shaving and possible irritation. Shaving can also leave stubble that can be noticeable. This leads to many of us looking for an alternative.
Waxing your underarm will give you a much cleaner fresher result, without the daily grind and irritation, waxing will keep your underarms looking and feeling beautiful for 2-4 weeks depending on hair growth.


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