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LashPerfect EyeLash Extensions

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Lash Perfect eyelash extensions

LashPerfect EyeLash Extensions

Lash Perfect eyelashes are synthetic strands that are individually applied to your natural lashes by our trained technicians here in Knebworth, we use a gentle bonding glue that doesn’t damage the natural lash.

After a brief consultation to assess what look you’re after, your bottom lids are softly pressed down -with silicone pads that are cooling on the eye bags and nowhere near as scary as they sound. You then have to keep your eyes shut while your technician applies each lash individually.

When your time is up, you’ll have a stunning set of lashes.

They last up to a month. As your own lashes naturally fall out the false ones will also fall out.

Notice; Patch Test required 48 hours before treatment

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